How do I use mmhmm with Zoom?

Recent versions of Zoom (5.1.2 and later) should be able to detect mmhmm as a camera input right out of the box. Please check you have the most recent version of Zoom by opening Zoom, selecting '' in the menu > 'Check for Updates'.

  • TIP: If you have been using Zoom's virtual backgrounds, you'll need to turn those off in order to use mmhmm.

1. Open mmhmm 

2. Open Zoom and choose "mmhmm Camera" as your video source. If you don't see "mmhmm Camera" as an option, quit Zoom (choose "Quit Zoom" from the "" menu) and re-launch it.


3. Enjoy your call!



Zoom Best Practices

For the clearest quality presentations, especially those where you are sharing a lot of text to your audience, we recommend you use Zoom's Share Screen functionality. This will automatically set your audience's screens to Speaker View and allow you to get maximized bandwidth for a smooth presentation (well, as long as you practiced!)

Zoom > Share Screen > mmhmm - SHARE THIS


  • Note: If your permissions are looping, restart your computer




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