Use Questions to make a video with AI

Use the Questions feature in mmhmm to create a video about a topic of your choice. Questions uses AI to analyze your video and lists relevant topics for you to include in your video. It automatically presents questions in an interview-like format and records your answers for you. You can use the Questions feature to create a new video or to add information to an existing video.

Create a new video with Questions

  1. Open mmhmm.
  2. A welcome window will appear with a list of topics/themes on the right-hand side. Click a topic or theme to get started.

    mmhmm questions start.png

  3. The Questions window will appear. Choose a virtual background at the top of the window if desired. When you're ready to start recording, click Get started.
  4. A countdown timer will start, and mmhmm will begin recording and present a question. Answer the first question at your own pace. Click Redo if you want to re-answer the question. When you’re ready to move on, click I'm ready for the next question.

    mmhmm questions ready for next question.png

  5. mmhmm will present you with two more questions related to your previous answer. Click one to answer it and then move on to the next question by clicking I'm ready for the next question. Repeat this step for as many questions as you want to answer.
  6. When you feel you've answered enough questions, click Wrap it up. mmhmm will ask if there's anything else you'd like to share related to your video. Then, click Conclude interview.
  7. mmhmm will name your video, divide it into chapters, add title card overlays, and trim it to remove silence and mistakes. Once that's done, click View video to preview your video. If you're happy with the video, click Publish to share it with others. Or, move to the next step if you want to make more changes.
  8. Use the chapter editor window to make changes to your video. If you want to add more to your video, click Close editor and click Record on the top-right hand side of the mmhmm window. If you’re not sure of what else to add, use the questions feature to generate a list of relevant topics to add to your video (read below to learn more). 

Use Questions to add to an existing video

  1. If you need help adding information to your video, click the Questions button to the left of the Record button. mmhmm will analyze your video and present a list of topics for you to add. Select any questions you want to answer and click Add to video.

    mmhmm questions analyze video.png

  2. Click Get started in the window that appears to answer the questions. Follow the steps in the section above to learn how to navigate through the Questions interview.

Use Questions in different languages

Questions can interview, understand, and ask follow-up questions in multiple languages:

Bulgarian Flemish Korean Slovak
Catalan French Latvian Spanish
Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified) German Lithuanian Spanish (Latin America)
Chinese (Mandarin, Traditional) German (Switzerland) Malay Swedish
Czech Greek Norwegian Thai
Danish Hindi Polish Turkish
Dutch Hungarian Portuguese Ukranian
English Indonesian Portuguese (Brazil) Vietnamese
Estonian Italian Romanian  
Finnish Japanese Russian  

You can use Questions in a specific language in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Set the mmhmm app to your desired language.

    mmhmm set to different language.png
  2. If your desired language does not appear in the list as shown above, open mmhmm in your web browser (we recommend Google Chrome), and set your browser to your desired language. Then, start recording a video using Questions.

Try mmhmm for free! Don’t see the answer to your question? If you’re having technical difficulties or want to suggest a topic for this guide, submit a support ticket or email us at

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