Record your screen and share it with others

Use mmhmm to share your screen and add context to your video in 4 steps (outlined below). You can share your entire screen if you want to record your desktop, multiple windows at once, or a specific window for more focused content.

Note: Read Share your phone or tablet screen in mmhmm to learn how to share your phone screen.

1. Share your screen

  1. Open mmhmm on your computer.
  2. Click Screenshare at the top of mmhmm. Choose the window you’d like to share. Then, click Share.

    mmhmm share a desktop window.gif
  3. To show a part of your shared window, crop it by clicking and dragging the side handles.

    crop shared window.gif

2. Adjust your appearance

  1. Adjust your size and appearance using the sidebar on the right-hand side of mmhmm.
  2. Position yourself where you want by clicking and dragging yourself on the mmhmm stage to be visible to your audience during the recording.

    mmhmm position window and self.gif

3. Record your screen

Note: When you record a shared window in mmhmm, you only share the part of the window you selected , not the entire screen.
  1. Click Record new. This will start a 3 second countdown.
  2. After the countdown, start talking about the content in your shared window.
  3. Optionally, switch to the window you’re sharing and show your audience what you want them to see. This way, you can interact with the shared window and highlight key information to illustrate your point.

    Untitled Project.gif

  4. When you're done recording, switch back to mmhmm and click Stop. The chapter video editor window will appear where you can review and edit your video (which is helpful if you want to trim unwanted sections of your recording).

4. Share your recording

Once you’re ready to share your recording with others, give your video a title and click Publish in the video editor window. You’ll be redirected to the video settings page where you can share or download your video.

mmhmm name and publish.png

More information on recording, editing, and sharing videos using mmhmm can be found here.

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