Share a copy of your presentation

You can share a copy of presentations that you've created with other mmhmm users.

Note: Anyone with the link can import a copy of your presentation into their mmhmm account. Edits made to their copy will not affect your original presentation. Edits you make to your original presentation will not affect any past copies of your presentation imported by other users.
  1. In mmhmm, click the dropdown icon ∨ in the presentation slide tray and select Share a copy.
  2. Click Copy to copy the presentation URL and share it with others.

    share a copy mmhmm desktop.gif

  3. Click Options to generate a new shareable link or delete an active link.
    • Generate new link: Create a new link to share with others. This will delete the previously shared link. Use this option when you've made edits to your presentation and want to share the latest version with others.
    • Delete link: Prevent others from accessing a copy of your presentation moving forward. This won't delete past copies of your presentation that have been imported by other users.

      share copy options.png

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