Mini remote control overview

The mini remote allows you to control mmhmm when connected to other video conferencing apps.

Note: The mini remote is currently only available on mmhmm for Mac.

Click the mmhmm logo in your Mac's menu bar to show or hide the mini remote.

mmhmm mini remote button.png

Alternatively, you can open the mini remote by clicking Window > Show Mini Remote.

show mini remote.png

Mini remote interface

mmhmm mini remote legend.png

1 new.png Open or close the mini remote interface. mmhmm_brandmark_black.png
2 new.png Know what presentation slide you're currently on.  
3 new.png Open the mini remote interface to a window on your screen. expand mini remote.png
4 new.png See the presentation slide you're currently displaying to your audience and what the next slide is.  
5 new.png Previous/next slide. MR-Previous@2x.png MR-Next@2x.png
6 new.png Turn on/off slide media. MR-SlideOn@2x.png MR-SlideOff@2x.png
7 new.png Turn on/off your camera. MR-CameraOn@2x.png MR-CameraOff@2x.png
8 new.png Toggle between small and full screen presenter size. MR-FullscreenOff@2x.png MR-FullscreenOn@2x.png
9 new.png Turn on/off Big Hands mode. MR-BigHandsOn@2x.png MR-BigHandsOff@2x.png

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