I just upgraded to the Mac 2.0 and I don’t see my mmhmm files. Where are my presentations?

With the Mac 2.0 release, you can save and find all of your mmhmm files right in the mmhmm library—no more trying to remember where you saved that presentation on your computer. Any new presentations created in mmhmm for Mac 2.0 will be added directly to your presentation library and will not show up in your Finder.

The first time you open the mmhmm presentations library, you will need to import the mmhmm presentations you have saved in other locations. There are two ways to import your presentations:

Import to the library by opening the file

  1. Find the mmhmm presentation on your desktop and open it. 
  2. To import all of your mmhmm presentations at once, go to Finder and search for all files with the .mmhmm extension. Cmd+click to select multiple files, then Ctrl+click to open the files with mmhmm.

Import to the library using the Import button


  1. Click the Presentations button to open the presentation library. 
  2. Click Import > Import mmhmm File…
  3. Choose all of the mmhmm files you want to import and click Open.

NOTE: If you have multiple mmhmm accounts (for example, one for work and one for personal use), make sure you import your mmhmm files to the correct account. You’ll find a handy account switcher control in the top left-hand corner of the presentation library. 

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