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Three laws of mmhmm

At mmhmm, we take data and privacy seriously. Here, our co-founder and CEO Phil Libin talks about the three guiding principles on how we think about you, data, privacy, and experience when building mmhmm.

Secure and reliable infrastructure

The mmhmm application may store information both locally on your device and in a cloud-based environment, currently Amazon Web Services (AWS). We implement industry-standard best practices in our software development process to ensure that our software is secure, and that your data is secure and available (to you). This includes strong encryption of data on the cloud, both in transit and at rest, monitoring to watch for suspicious activity.  When appropriate, we leverage AWS’s global footprint to ensure critical data are replicated geographically to ensure reliability. 

How mmhmm works with video conferencing solutions

At mmhmm, we make video conferencing solutions better by complementing them, not replacing them. When you use mmhmm with a video conferencing solution such as Zoom or Google Meet, mmhmm does not have access to the audio or video from other participants in the call. Here’s how it works:

  • Mmhmm captures video from your webcam and combines it with your slides, rooms and effects to create the output that you want. 
  • The combined video is made available to other applications on your computer through our “virtual camera.”
  • Your video conferencing application allows you to choose the mmhmm virtual camera as your video source.

The same process happens if your mmhmm presentation contains audio that you want to share on a video conference:

  • Mmhmm captures audio from your microphone and combines it with audio from your slides.
  • The combined audio is made available to other applications on your computer through our “virtual microphone.”
  • Your video conferencing application allows you to choose the mmhmm virtual microphone as your audio source.

Note that for both audio and video, information only flows in one direction: from mmhmm to the video conferencing application. We do not, and cannot, access the content of your video conferences such as video and audio from other participants.

Local vs. cloud storage

With mmhmm cloud sync, all the content in your account (presentations, slides, scenes, takes, rooms, and published recordings) will be securely uploaded and stored on the mmhmm cloud. Your content will always be backed up and available to you, whether you use mmhmm on Mac, Windows, web, or mobile. mmhmm cloud sync is currently in beta on Mac, and will be coming soon to Windows, Web, and iOS. 

For mmhmm apps that do not yet use mmhmm cloud sync, the process of capturing and processing your audio and video takes place entirely on your computer—we do not send any of your data to the cloud as part of this process. There are currently two circumstances in which data from your presentations is sent to the cloud:

  1. When you choose to import a PowerPoint, Keynote or PDF document, the document is securely sent to our cloud to be converted into an mmhmm presentation. As soon as this conversion process is complete, both the original document and the resulting mmhmm presentation are removed from our servers.
  2. When you choose to publish a recording to mmhmm TV, your recorded content is stored on our servers. Each recording is accessible at a link that you can share as you see fit. You can change the link or delete your recording from our servers at any time.

Privacy policy

For more, you can read our privacy policy.


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