mmhmm Video Tutorials


We've created an mmhmm tutorial library to help you get to know mmhmm. These videos can also be found on the mmhmm YouTube channel and in the mmhmm app as interactive recordings.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. Welcome to mmhmm!
  2. Meet the interface
  3. Connect to Zoom and others
  4. Get a room
  5. Work with slides
  6. Using your real background
  7. Using a green screen
  8. Presenter effects and controls
  9. Powerful presets
  10. Recording a video
  11. How we make money


Welcome to mmhmm!

We wrote instructions. We’d love for you to use them. (In app link)


Meet the interface

House tour.


Connect to Zoom and others

Open mmhmm. Start video. Have more fun.


Get a room

We’ve got hundreds.


Work with slides

Create text slides, GIPHY slides, or import your deck.


Using your real background

Show off your bookshelf.


Using a green screen

You don’t need one, but you can do extra fun things with one.


Presenter effects and controls

Frame yourself, go transparent, and make it rain.


Powerful presets

How to make sticky settings for individual slides.


Recording a video

Share your presentation and skip the meeting.


How we make money

The product is the product—not you. 


If you want to return to these videos right in the app, click the Learn button at the top of the mmhmm window. They’re interactive recordings, so you can skip around at your own pace. Want a video explainer for something else? Send a note to We want to see how many different pairs of glasses we can get Lauren to wear.

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