How to use Big Hands mode


Big Hands mode lets you communicate visually over video by identifying specific hand gestures and turning them into giant emojis. Big Hands mode is currently only available to mmhmm for Mac users with macOS 11 Big Sur.



How to use Big Hands

To activate Big Hands mode, check the box next to Show Big Hands on the Presenter panel. You can also use the keyboard shortcut G to turn Big Hands mode on or off. 

Here are the gestures that activate Big Hands:


Thumb up = Thumb up

Thumb down = Thumb down

Pinky up, thumb up, three fingers closed = Shaka

Thumb up, pinky down, three fingers closed = Telephone

Two hands making the shape of a heart = Heart

One finger up = 1

Two fingers up = 2

Three fingers up = 3

Five fingers up = Hand

Two hands pressed together = Thanks

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