mmhmm camera still appears after uninstalling mmhmm Studio

If you uninstalled mmhmm Studio by moving the app to Trash and emptying it without uninstalling the mmhmm virtual camera first, you may see the mmhmm camera still appear in places like your video conferencing tools.

To uninstall the mmhmm virtual camera:

  1. Download this mmhmm uninstall package.
  2. In your Downloads folder, open the mmhmm-uninstall.pkg file.
  3. An Install mmhmm-uninstall window will open. Click Continue to progress through the first two steps of the uninstall package.
  4. When you get to the Installation Type step, click Install.
  5. Once the uninstall finishes, click Close.
Note: Although the uninstall package refers to "install" and "installation", the only action it is taking on your computer is to uninstall the mmhmm virtual camera.

If you still see the mmhmm camera in your video conferencing tools after uninstalling, try restarting the tool. If the mmhmm camera still appears, try restarting your computer.

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