Manage your mmhmm account subscription

This article covers how to manage your mmhmm account subscription. Read below to learn more.

Note: This guide is for mmhmm Premium accounts only. To learn how to manage your mmhmm for Teams account subscription, click here.

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Manage your mmhmm account subscription

  1. In a web browser, navigate to and log in with your mmhmm credentials.
  2. Click "Manage" under your mmhmm Premium subscription details.


  3. Select an action to perform from the left-hand side menu.


Actions you can perform to manage your account

Click an action below to learn how to perform it.

Change plan

Switch between monthly and annual subscription cycles. Choose the plan you want to subscribe to and click SAVE.


Cancel subscription

Cancel your subscription by clicking CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.

Note: This will not delete your mmhmm account. To learn how to delete your account, click here.

You may optionally add a reason for canceling by selecting one from the dropdown menu. 


Edit payment

Change the credit card you use to pay for mmhmm. Add a valid form of payment and click SAVE.


Tax ID and billing address

Add a tax ID number or billing address to your mmhmm subscription receipts. Once you've entered the details, click SAVE.


Request a refund

Request a refund for your mmhmm subscription.


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