Browse, join, or create channels on mmhmm TV

Channels allow you to organize videos around a specific topic and share them with others. To learn more about channels and how to create them, read below. 

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Browse existing channels

  1. Click on Channels in the left-hand side navigation bar. You can browse all available channels by scrolling through the list. Click on a channel to watch videos that are a part of that channel. 


  2. Sort the channels list by alphabetical order, creation date, and the number of members or videos by clicking on the "Sort" dropdown under the "Channels" header. 


  3. You may join a channels conversation if there is a "Join conversation" button on the top-right hand side of the channel page. Click this will put you in a an open mmhmm conversation room where others can join. 

    If the conversation button is blue, that means no one is in the conversation. Click the button to be the first on in the room!


    If the button is green, that means there are people in the conversation. Click the button to join them! 

Join existing channels

Hover over a channel and click the blue "Join" button to join the channel.


You can also join the channel by selecting the channel and clicking the gray "Join channel" button. 


Create a channel

  1. Click on Channels in the left-hand side navigation bar.


  2. Next, click "+ Create a Channel" on the right-hand side of the screen. 


  3. Give your channel a name and description so people who join it know what it's about. 


  4. Choose your channel's privacy settings by selecting it from the dropdown.


    You can choose between three choices:
    1. Anyone at your organization can join and post.
    2. Anyone at your organization can join.
    3. Only people that you've shared the channel with can join. 
  5. Optionally, include a conversation link for the channel by clicking the slider on the right-hand side. Members can join the conversation at any time. Conversations are limited to 10 participants. 


  6. Click "Create" to create your channel. 


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